WarDogs Sponsorship

The US Military WarDogs is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. Our players are Active Duty, Reservists and/or Veteran. These men pay their own way to travel all across the world in order to gain the opportunity to play baseball. Your sponsorship would help alleviate the costs for:

GAS FOOD Lodging Uniforms

Each game played as we travel across the Nation, we honor a veteran in each community. Your sponsorship will help Veterans:


  • Provide Service Dogs to Veterans
  • Help raise awareness for PTSD and Suicide Prevention
  • Partner with other Veteran organizations


  • Care packages to Service members abroad
  • WarDogs Military players uniforms and league fees
  • Youth baseball clinics to Military Families


  • Give to the Families of the Fallen
  • Honor the Families of the Fallen

Is your business looking to be a part of something great? The US Military WarDogs invite you to join us in our “Forever Never Forgotten” Tour, and enhance the lives of Veterans that have sacrificed so much. Contact us now and we will get you started.

Are you an active military member or reservist looking to play baseball?

Check out some of the locations and if you’re in the area, or transferring to an area with one of our teams, register online and we can help you get geared up to come play! Click the link below to register now.

Locations: Japan, Italy, Spain, US Norfolk, VA San Diego, CA Bremerton, WA Jacksonville, FL